Let's re-write your story!

The energies both in your Astrological Chart and your Human Design Chart give you a key how to walk through life more gracefully and make decisions easier. Together we accelerate the process of de-conditioning of the meanings you are holding and the beliefs you have identified with but are not necessarily yours. We give you tools and support you in gaining back the responsibility over your life and health, turning pain into purpose.

Human Design

The Human Design System is a cutting-edge personality assessment tool that combines Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu Chakra System and the Kabbalah with Quantum Physics. It shows us the uniqueness of each being and helps to point out the potentials and inner strengths within each of us.
In your Human Design Reading we can focus on different areas:

  • Type, Strategy and Authority in order to understand yourself better and figure out how to make aligned decisions in your life, listening better to your gut feeling and intuition for the purpose of living a more genuine life
  • the dominating energies and archetypes in your chart to see what your purpose is in life, what you are here to learn and to understand what deeply fulfills you
  • discussing charts of partners or family members in order to obtain a deeper understanding of your relationship dynamics
  • a complete Human Design Coaching Session for those who are willing to dive really deep and explore themselves with all their light and shadow parts
Human Design Chart Reading
Quantum Alignment Training

Quantum Alignment

As an Integrated Coaching System the Quantum Alignment System™ (developed by Karen Curry Parker) is combining the Human Design with the principles of ancient Chinese Acupressure and modern energy psychology (EFT), Quantum Science, Flower Essences and subtle body therapy.  In our individual quantum coaching programs we can help you:

  • significantly decrease not only the level of cortisol (hormone which is associated with stress and aging) but also chronic pain, anxiety and depression
  • with eating disorders, PTSD and overcoming old patterns that made you feel stuck
  • move through old blockades and belief systems – that subconsciously took control over your life – in order to gain back your inner joy and abundance
  • realign with your true and authentic self to start believing in yourself and the creative forces within you
  • heal from the pain of unresolved trauma, feeling unworthy, powerless, unloved & inauthentic


Archaically Astronomy and Astrology were treated together until the 18th century when they had come to be regarded as completely separate disciplines. Based on Astronomy and its knowledge about the apparent position of the stars and planets, we don’t use Astrology as basis for prediction of future events but as a really powerful tool which determines your personality in a very accurate way.
Combined with our knowledge gained from studying psychological phenomenons, our interest in the human race and the past decades of working with individuals,  partners and families of different cultures we can help you with:

  • finding your strengths and weaknesses in your personality in order to raise more awareness of what is happening in your life and for what reason
  • recognizing repeating patterns in job life, relationship and family circumstances and learning how to change that
  • a better understanding of who you really are, the way how you communicate and how others see you
  • energy dynamics within your company, partnership and parent-child-relation
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