What does the term “Shadow Work” mean?

Shadow Work is a really important process for each individual to bring hidden parts of their personality and emotions up and integrate them so they cannot do any more subconscious damage. Those hidden parts are the parts which make us feel helpless, weak or not worthy enough. By simply becoming aware of them we start taking responsibility over our emotions again and prevent ourselves from looking for opponents in the outside world even though all our anger and frustration is coming from within due to our own history.

But what has this to do with the Corona-Virus?

Humanity is split – we still don’t get that we are all one! We need to understand that there is a collective energy existing and as long as the majority of people does not understand and set the focus on what is going on within, this collective field will never heal from this “virus”. A virus can only attack where the immune system is weak. When it feels a strong resistance, a fire-wall where it cannot break through, it will not continue spreading.

But exactly this is still lacking in our society of 2020. The Corona-Virus shows us that we can still be easily split in different teams. Mostly two big groups:

One which is scared and thus, hiding behind one, two or even three masks.

And the other one which is completely on the other side – against any restrictions, judging those wearing masks, denying authorities and looking for any other possible explanation, proven or not, for what is going on in the world.

But both have one in common: They don’t want to understand the other side at all. Whatever it takes, they are fighting against each other, arguing about their opinions and trying to make the others feel less empowered, so that they’ll eventually give up and change their opinions.

Where is the compassion? Where is the trial to understand the perspective of the opposite side? Where is our look within to see what the Corona-Virus is triggering in ourselves instead of judging over other people?

Isn’t this the way we went the last hundreds of years – blaming others for our misery, looking for other people’s problems instead of cleaning in front of our own door?

How can Shadow Work help to grow over this drama-game of our society?

Shadow Work is a tool which will finally bring responsibility back into our lives. It is not an easy process, some will get stuck before even started because it can be painful. You make yourself vulnerable if you look deeper within yourself and reveal all the lies of the past decades which you told to yourself and to the outside world. If you have a deeper look onto parts which are maybe not even yours, you are just carrying them with you.

Disappointments from childhood, anger and pain from the first relationships, frustration and traumas from your parents – all these are parts within you which are hiding because you never dare to look at them. And they like this because then these emotions only come out in extreme situations. Then they make you feel guilty. And this guilt is feeding those hidden emotions even more – and then they are growing within you. Slowly, slowly … like cancer.

Shadow Work and the Corona-Virus

The Corona-Virus is putting us in extreme situations all the time. People are struggling, they don’t know how to pay the bills any more, how to feed their families. These situations already existed before, but now more and more people are suffering. These situations are becoming a bigger and bigger part in our collective energy. All the frustration, all the grief and anger is coming up.

So let’s take a deeper look within.

Where is this anger coming from?
What is this emotion doing to you?
What is the person, who is wearing a mask all day long, triggering in you?
What is the person, who is questioning the existence of the virus, triggering in you?
What is the politician, who wants to let you pay in case you don’t wear a mask, triggering in you?
Has this person maybe own problems, which he or she tries to hide by putting power and rules on other people?

We should try to understand our own situation and the situation of the people around us. To understand that they are not different. They are all scared, all frustrated and no one really knows what is going on in the big picture. Behind the curtains.

They all just have different kinds of dealing with all these emotions coming up. Everyone is triggered by the other person’s behaviour. But instead of looking within and trying to understand what this has to do with themselves, they start to blame the other person.

We don’t get it that as long as we just get distracted by the happenings in the outside world and not focusing within, we will never stop this global chaos. It will just go on and grow to a new peak how it did for the last decades.

How can we change that?

We have to start to take responsibility for our own feelings, behaviour and actions – start in front of our own door, be a good example for the other people around – in order to reach global peace and health.

This path can be painful – because those hidden emotions don’t want to be part of the light side. They are part of your ego which is trying to keep you small, to keep you from growing.

Because once you face them with awareness – you transform this “shadow” part into a light part, and this takes a lot of pressure from yourself. It gives you the possibility to evolve your personality and integrate those hidden parts. Because they are a part of you, they make who you are. But YOU write the rules: By simply being aware of them and accepting them, you rewrite them in the way you want them to be.

Integrating your shadow parts is not always easy but the rewards and release coming along are worth it. Not only for you or your family but for the sake of all humanity!