Full Human Design Reading


90 minutes

Extra Follow-up call

30 minutes

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This reading will help you to go really deep and understand the areas in life, both where you are very advanced in and those you may struggle with. We will focus on:

  • how you can learn to make aligned decisions (Strategy and Authority)
  • which role you are here to play (Type, Profile)
  • where are your hidden belief systems and subconscious patterns in life (defined and open centers)
  • how to calibrate your emotions
  • main energies in your chart that are guiding you on your path to fulfill your life and soul purpose
  • which energies are really yours and which are only "borrowed" from the outside world

If there are areas in your life or specific topics you want to discuss, please let us know ahead of time.

I will send the 90-minutes long audio recording to you within 1 week after the payment has been made.
After your purchase we will email you to get in touch and receive your personal data (date, time and city of birth).
Also included in the price is an extra 30 min follow-up call and a personalized summary of your chart with the most important things for you to remember and to reflect on.

Since everyone is different: If you prefer 1-on-1 instead, we can arrange a recorded Zoom call instead which allows more interaction between us - just let us know what feels better to you 🙂

2 reviews for Full Human Design Reading

  1. Seiten

    Thank you so much, Cindy, for taking the time and explaining everything in such a profound and proper way! Now the events happening in my life make so much more sense and I feel better prepared to deal with upcoming challenges! Without having met, you could “read” me so accurately. I am really moved by it. I actually decided to travel alone for a few days to tune into my energy and get more in touch with my Sacral. Thank you so much for your motivational words – they have touched me deeply!
    I cannot recommend this Coaching Session enough!

  2. Jana

    I’m listening to your recording for the thousandth time, because I always notice something new and it becomes clear to me. It has already resolved and brought forth quite a bit – that’s incredible! The first time I had to cry, because some things within me have gently dissolved. At the moment so much is happening in my life because of the information you gave me. I am beyond grateful!

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