Full Human Design Reading


90 minutes

Extra Follow-up call

30 minutes



This reading will help you to go really deep and understand the areas in life both where you are very advanced in and those you may struggle with. We will focus on:

  • how you can learn to make aligned decisions (Strategy and Authority)
  • which role you are here to play (Type, Profile)
  • where are your hidden belief systems and subconscious patterns in life
  • how to calibrate your emotions
  • which energies are really yours and which are only "borrowed" from the outside world

If there are areas in your life or specific topics you want to discuss, please let us know ahead of time.

I will send the 90-minutes long audio recording to you within 3 weeks after the payment has been made.
After your purchase we will send you an email to get in touch and receive your personal data (date, time and city of birth).
Included in the price is also an extra 30min follow-up call.


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