Human Design Foundation Reading


35 – 60 minutes



If this is your first encounter with Human Design, then I would recommend this Basic Reading.
We will dive into your Chart and discover:

  • which of the 5 existing Energy-Types you were born with and what this means for you and the people around you
  • your Profile, which is determined by the position of your conscious sun/ earth and unconscious sun/ earth in your body graph
  • your Authority and Strategy that help you to make aligned decisions

By understanding your innate role in life and the gifts you have to offer to the world, we will bring a new sense of vibrancy into your life and give you new tools that help you to make aligned decisions, and bring forth your trustworthy inner companion (and compass).

After your purchase we will email you to get in touch and receive your personal data (date, time and city of birth). In this email we will also send you possible dates to schedule your live (and recorded) call with me, Cindy.
Also included is a personalized summary for your chart with the most important things for you to remember and to reflect on.

In case you have a specific topic or particular questions you want to focus on, you can send them via email ahead of time - then please plan at least 45-60min for our live call!


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