11 weeks Program “Let your inner light shine through” – Quantum Alignment Transformation


11 weeks



This 1-on-1 coaching program is for you if you want to go really deep in your own personal development journey. We will work on unconscious blockades, trauma and old belief systems which are keeping you from unfolding this magical being you came here to be. Together we will set goals for your future and work on a more authentic, blissful and abundant lifestyle – no more hiding, no more excuses!

After the initial session we go intuitively from there and integrate:

  • 1 Human Design Reading + Astrology Reading
  • 11 transformative Quantum Alignment 1-on-1 Sessions to move through old conditioning, belief systems and energetic blockages that are keeping you from rewriting your own story (1 session has the value of $200!)
  • in these in-depth sessions we focus on the nine main emotional & spiritual challenges of every human being:

    - Lovability
    - Self-Trust
    - Self-Worth
    - Empowerment
    - Decisiveness
    - Vitality
    - Courage
    - Authenticity
    - Emotional Wisdom

  • anything else which is coming up and you would like to work on!

After your purchase we will send you an email to get in touch and receive your personal data (date, time and city of birth). In this email we will also send you possible dates to schedule our first call.



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