“Do you want to help heal the world?”
-Karen Curry Parker-

What is Quantum Alignment?

Modern science. Ancient wisdom. Integrated healing.

Research shows that this system not only changes you on a genetic level, but that it also decreases chronic pain, anxiety, depression, significantly decreases cortisol (the hormone associated with stress and aging), is effective for helping people with eating disorders, PTSD, fear, and more.

Of course, it also gives you deep insights and adds significant meaning to your life and helps you make healthier choices that support you in creating a life that is in alignment with your Authentic Self.

The Beginning of The Quantum Alignment System by Karen Curry Parker

After Karen started graduate school and studied with some of the world’s most progressive healers, scientists and leaders, her understanding of what happens when someone “heals” and how to use all of what she had learned over the course of her life in a powerful, integrated way to better serve people and help them more quickly and easily align with the life they were born to live finally “clicked.”
She calls the synthesis of this new understanding, which incorporates Quantum Human Design, EFT, Flower Essences, coaching, consciousness, and quantum science, The Quantum Alignment System.

Understanding Quantum Alignment

Sadly, most people aren’t able to tangibly create what they are dreaming of.
Why is it that so many people struggle to turn their dreams into reality?
To answer this question, we have to turn to quantum physics. Quantum particles move in waves called “potentials.” You can either measure the movement of a quantum particle or you can measure the location of a quantum particle, but never both at the same time. When we measure the location of quantum particles, we call it a “collapsed potential.” Our entire physical reality is comprised of “collapsed” quantum potentials.
Leading-edge quantum physicists have hypothesized that consciousness is the medium through which we collapse potentials or experience our own unique reality. It is the meaning that we give “quantum potentials”– also called archetypes – that determines what we experience in our lives.
People who are able to successfully manifest their dreams have meanings that support their success. If you want to manifest your dreams, you have to have meanings that support you doing so.
When we begin to take control over the meaning we use to create, we begin to harness our innate quantum creative power and exponentially amplify our ability to make our dreams a reality.

Become a Quantum Alignment Practitioner

Reminder: QAS Level 1 and 2 includes Quantum Human Design Levels 1 and 2

Are you a coach, healer, trainer or healthcare practitioner looking for a scientific method that helps you help your clients get to the root cause of pain?
Announcing a brand-new way to get to the core issue that triggers all kinds of pain.

Quantum Alignment System

If you’re like most Practitioners, you have a strong skill set for helping people feel better. In the short run, you have great success. You know how to help people manage their symptoms, whether it’s physical pain, emotional pain, relationship pain, financial pain or even spiritual pain.
While treating pain and symptoms is vital and the very first step in helping someone heal or align their lives, if we are only treating the symptoms and not looking at the underlying cause of the pain, our clients can’t receive the full potential of our knowledge and the healing we offer them.
When we don’t tackle the underlying energetic, emotional and spiritual reason our clients are experiencing all kinds of pain, our clients run the risk of experiencing the pain all over again.
The first step in healing pain is learning how to uncouple our clients from the energies, mistaken beliefs, ancestral genetic codes, and motivations that keep them stuck and in pain.

Pain and Imprinting

The greatest source of pain of all kinds comes from imprinting.
As we grow, even in utero, we experience energy, cellular patterns and biochemical influences from our mother and from the environment around us. When we are born, we continue to be imprinted by our surroundings, our life experiences, the beliefs of our families, and the collective energies around us.
Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, our conditioning – our imprinting – creates in us energy, thoughts, and behavioral patterns that cause pain.
Think about this: How many times do we see our clients stopping themselves short from pursuing what they really want? Does it seem like your clients have a well-worn path of self-defeating inner chatter that keeps them from fully stepping into their brilliance? Are they avoiding doing the things that could bring real, positive change into their lives? Do they keep manifesting the same physical challenges that stop them from progressing?
These are all symptoms of inner pain, rooted in conditioning and energy patterns. If you want to really help your clients get out of pain permanently, you have to heal these patterns and break the energy cycles that created them in the first place.

The Quantum Alignment System

The Quantum Alignment System is a fully integrated approach to helping you learn how to help your clients get out of pain.
The Quantum Alignment System uses leading-edge energy-psychology tools, subtle energy therapies, consciousness awakening protocols, Human Design, and physical wellness protocols to help you help your clients navigate through pain and get to the root cause of what is keeping them from experiencing true wellness on every level of the body.

The Quantum Alignment System uses a system of energy assessment called Human Design.
Human Design (a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Chakra System, Kabbalah and Quantum Physics), blended with coaching, subtle body therapies (flower essences and essential oils) and energy psychology.
It is a research-based system that has been proven to up-level gene regulation, significantly decrease stress response, increase dopamine and serotonin, increase creativity, decrease pain, and the results of the system are enduring over time, giving people the capacity to make real, long-term changes in their life and decrease or eliminate pain permanently.
I know that we get stuck and trapped in pain in every area of our life. When we know the source of our pain, it gives us the key to heal faster and the power of self-mastery.
Marrying Human Design, energy psychology, and spirituality speeds and deepens healing on every level.
The Quantum Alignment System Protocol involves healing and alignment on five different levels of the body, the aura, and on the quantum level.
You can’t tackle wellness with only a mindset, or body manipulations, or just prayer. You have to address wellness in a multi-dimensional way, including knowing how to harness quantum possibilities, how to feed your body, mind AND your soul. Until you integrate the re-alignment of the body, mind and soul, healing is only temporary.

The Quantum Alignment System Level One Program

The Quantum Alignment System Level One Program is a live intensive training that gives you the basics of the Human Design System PLUS the Quantum Alignment System Protocol.
The Level One Program is taught via live online video over the course of a weekend. During the live training, you will have the opportunity master the Quantum Alignment System protocol, learn to use it personally and/ or as an assessment tool in your own healing or coaching practice.
The live weekend training is filled with opportunity to practice and use the protocol so that you can integrate the material in a holistic and deep way.
During the live weekend you will learn how to assess pain, what the Quantum Alignment System Protocol is, and how to implement it. This intensive experience involves hands-on practice, personal healing, and a deepening of your understanding of the system.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

This is a life-changing training that will give you everything you need to begin working on your own healing journey, as well as helping others.

Why you should attend this program:

Getting to the root of Who You Truly Are, what drives you and the choices you’re making, and knowing how to consciously choose from your highest vibration actually INCREASES motivation, makes you more resilient, and helps you live more vibrantly, joyfully and abundantly – in every area of your life.

Here’s the bottom line.

Your clients don’t have to suffer anymore. This is a path to help you help them discover what is causing the pain in their life and learn how to work with it, heal it, and get themselves back on track with expressing the magnificence of who they are designed to be.

Each time we complete the dance around the spiral of growth and evolution, we tend to come face-to-face with the same “issue” but in another form and at a higher level.

The more we heal ourselves, the better we can serve the evolution of the world and each other!
I hope you’ll join me.

Much Love,



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