Eventually it will be time for humanity to take again responsibility for our own actions, FOR OUR OWN HEALTH.

Eventually we need to face that the last decades, when more and more helpful but also harmful technology came up, we lost the connection to our body.
We assumed that other persons and the more and more evolving industry knew better what is good for our health, what our body needs to be strong and nourished, what our soul needs to keep us happy and fulfilled.
We made ourselves more and more powerless, lost more and more trust into our intuition and eventually forgot how to listen to the signs our body is telling us. Because we were too busy with the outside world and our virtual reality.

Fear of COVID-19 – really justified or man-made?

And now, we are standing here and feel safer wearing a mask half of the day which is supposed to be protecting us and the people around us, even going so far to expect other people wearing masks in order to protect our own health. Desperately waiting for a vaccine to come up which will free us from all the evil, which is threatening our health. Giving the responsibility to people around us who we don’t even know?! Not even seeing that we make ourselves to prisoners.
We rather stay at home, not seeing our loved ones any more, our friends whom we used to laugh our heads off with. Forgetting our beloved grandparents in their retirement homes – of course to protect them! Neither seeing nor considering that we all are social beings! We need love, we need attention, our soul is craving for hugs and for laughter. It is being nourished so deeply by all those important social interactions! And you know what? If it doesn’t get them, the soul is becoming sick!

Do you also have a vaccination for that??

Why do you make yourself so small?

Do you realize that it is time to take your health in your own hands? To claim your power back! To finally take back your responsibility and free yourself again. You are the one who takes responsibility for your health! And so does every single person around you!

Everything and everybody is connected with each other – so is our nervous system and our immune system.
Everything what we eat, drink, which air we are breathing, which drugs we are taking is influencing our immune system.
Everything what we are thinking, how we are feeling, how much fear and stress we are having is influencing our nervous system, which is directly connected to our immune system.
That means, whatever you take in your body, how you nourish your soul, what kind of air you are breathing (is it only the CO2-filled air inside your mask, which is due to its warm and wet environment encouraging bacteria to blossom, or is it the fresh, oxygen-filled air from the woods or the sea around your house?!), how much stress you are experience in your job, how much time you take for yourself –  is affecting your metabolism which is regulating the milieu in our bodies and deciding to become ill if the milieu is not balanced any more.

The body is the temple of our soul – treat it like this!

All these things we have in our own hands to protect our body, to treat the immune system as our best friend and still act in a responsible way towards elderly and sick people, who are struggling to keep their immune system healthy.
But this is why we are human beings! Why we are able to think so complicated thoughts, to have a deep knowledge and understanding of processes which are going on in the world –  why we are having a sense of what is right and what is wrong –  but do you really think that a mask or a vaccination will keep you and the people around you healthy?

Isn’t it morally questionable to force people of wearing masks and not meeting family and friends any more, to take their freedom and even going so far to expect from them to take a vaccination? A vaccination where nobody knows how their body will react on it and where everybody knows that this is not a reliable protection since there are so many viruses out there and many more new to come – so what do you want? Take a vaccination for all upcoming viruses to be protected? Just because it is easier than spending time with yourself and figure out what you can do for yourself, for your immune system and your soul – to protect you from outside circumstances like this?!
Just because it is too much to eat clean and healthy food, which is nourishing our body and giving him exactly this what he needs in order to be strong and resistant? To take more time for yourself and check if your job is really fulfilling you or if it just giving you a hard time and too much stress.

Start reflecting over your actions and emotions: Take responsibility!

Where is your fear coming from? Fear is the lowest vibration around us – at the moment the whole world is in fear. Can you imagine what this means if we consider (like quantum physics says) that everything and everybody is connected with each other?
Now is the time to wake up and become more aware of what you really want in your life. Do you want to live in bliss or just exist because the fear of dying from COVID-19 or any other virus which is waiting there outside for you is eating you slowly from within?

Doesn’t it sound more attractive to rather look inside and see your magic within?! All the processes within you which you can support with nourishing food, with attention and self-care.

On top of this you will not only become healthier but more happier and more fulfilled because all the last years you had already forgotten how it feels to take your well-being in your own hands, to feel the power which you have over yourself and to live the life you truly desire.

So claim back the power over yourself, over your body and your health and start using the internet to research how to strengthen your immune system and your mind – there are so many doctors and professionals out there who will support you with a profound and experienced knowledge. You just need to be willing to really work on yourself, look deeper within and be the creator of your life. This is responsibility – this is life!
If we can do it, you can do it! We are all one!

Remember: Everything you want to be, you already are!