About us


It’s time to discover YOUR MAGIC WITHIN!

You were born as a unique being into this spiritual journey in order to discover, master and share your unique gift with this world.

Everything starts & ends with you! And we are here to help you find into your empowered state of mind that is allowing you to finally step into your authentic self and accept who you are and what you came here for. Together we will go on a transformative journey through deep de-conditioning processes and core issues that you are carrying with you and which are keeping you from living the fulfilled & meaningful life you were born to be.

We are
Cindy & Damian.

Traveling the world and helping people to find back to their inner strength and guidance through the tools of Astrology, Human Design, the Quantum Alignment System™, teaching and practicing yoga, conscious movement and breath work. Together we combined our knowledge and created a unique way for everyone to ignite that inner fire which is wavering within each and everyone but was suppressed by the rules and limitations of society. 

But as we are in an important transition time and society is being formed towards a more liberal, heart-centered and spiritual direction, it is our task to keep track with the higher vibration of this upcoming Quantum Human Era.

For Damian astrology represents a deeper insight in human behavior and personality types. Already for the last 20 years it is a trustworthy companion on his spiritual path. Through this magical art-science he was able to accompany thousands of people on their journey of searching for their own truth while traveling the world and constantly extending his knowledge in this field by having personal encounters with unique beings of all different cultures.

Cindy studied Education Science and Psychology in Germany but due to her untameable thirst for discovering new cultures, different lifestyles and the ancient knowledge which is spread all over the world, she decided to start this never ending journey of self-discovery. To gather wisdom and skills through experiences and then being able to share all this with the wonderful people around the world who are on the same track. Her smooth and lovable way of approaching people is helping to uncover  their own behaviors and old belief systems, thus raising the awareness and self-efficacy.

We are looking forward to guiding you closer to be the human-being you were born to be!


From our hearts to yours,

Cindy & Damian